I love hourly planner 

When I was doing my first masters degree, I had trouble with getting my assignments done due to the the great amount of independent workload in university. 

I went and talked about this problem to the university’s student support. 

That’s when the hourly planner was introduced to me.   

I followed her advice, and managed to get through with my postgraduate studies all thanks to the weekly-hourly planner! 

It helped me keep track of my time and the amount of words I had to do each day (daily goals). With this, I knew I was doing fine, and it led me to a happy less stressful uni life. 

Sincet then, I’m fond of detailed planners that can help me keep track of time and goals every single day. 

And I’m always looking for something new.. and cuter! I ended up making these planners myself. 

I made a few of them and put it out there for you all!

 I hope that you can fully use the planner and improve your time management! 


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